Grateful for you

When I feel hot, you are like a gust of wind,bring me cool and cozy.

When I feel cold, you are like a bouquet of sunshine, bring me warm and comfortable.

When I fall down, you give me a hand, and then encourage me to brave to stand up.

When I succeed, you give me a knowing smile, and then tell me

to avoid arrogance.

When I laugh, you give me applause, and then share the happiness with me.

When l cry,you give me a hug, and then tell me everything will be ok.

The hot summer, have your companions

The Cold winter, also have your company.

Failure with you always.

Success often remind of you.

Happy when you share with me.

Sadness also have you and I together.

Your love and companionship is everywhere.

So, I thank god let me meet you.

Grateful for your company,

Giving thanks for all the good times we get along!